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FORMMay Song follows an A - B - B - A form identical to Twinkle. In fact, May Song can be considered a variation on Twinkle, with an identical outline and the addition of decorative notes.  

AURAL SKILLS While May Song has increasingly complicated patterns of skips, figuring them out becomes simple when students use the basic skeleton of Twinkle as a starting point.

BOW ARM May Song is a much simpler bowing song than O Come Little Children before it, but continues to develop the concept of a save bowMay Song begins with a slow, three-second downbow followed by a quick, one-second upbow return. We refer to this pattern as a slingshot bow.

LEFT HAND There are no new left hand skills in May Song, but there are many opportunities to reinforce independent, floating, and anchor fingersThe first four notes of May Song especially require attention to ensure the hand frame maintains its shape without distortion. 

Song of the Wind


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