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As the second piece in Book 1, Lightly Row builds on all of the same skills and techniques used in Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

In Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, students learn to build-up to the third finger with first and second finger supporting below in order to provide structure and stability in the shape of the left hand and wrist.  The long-term goal is that students will be able to put down any finger in complete isolation from all other muscles in the hand - we refer to this idea as independent fingers. We begin this journey in Lightly Row by using independent second fingers, which will go down without the support of the first finger underneath.  

Aural Patterns
Independent Fingers
Lightly Row Line One
Lightly Row Line One, Slowly

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FORM Lightly Row is constructed in A-B-C-B form; of the four total lines of music, the second and fourth lines are identical.

AURAL SKILLS Lightly Row utilizes patterns of ascending and descending steps and skips, within the range of the A and E strings

BOW ARM Lightly Row provides ample opportunity to practice excellent string crossing technique, and beautiful legato, one-second and two-second bows.

LEFT HAND Lightly Row introduces the independent finger, in which a higher finger is placed on the string without the lower fingers supporting below (i.e. the opposite of the build-up used in Twinkle). 

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Lightly Row


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