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FORMLong, Long Ago is in A, A1, B, A1 form: the second line is a slight variation on the first line, and the fourth line is identical to the second.

AURAL SKILLS Long, Long Ago follows a relatively simple aural contour and is generally easier to figure out than either of the previous two pieces.

BOW ARM The main teaching point of Long, Long Ago is the alternating bow pattern, in which the bow travels from the bottom star to the top star in a repetitive pattern of "big" and "lit-tle", bows. A fast version of this pattern is found in Twinkle Variation B.

Long, Long Ago also further develops the four-second bow circle introduced in Song of the Wind, with the addition of a string crossing. The total event still takes four seconds; to achieve this, we combine the "lift" and "cross" during Step 3:

1) play

2) play

3) lift-cross

4) land

LEFT HAND Long, Long Ago presents our first opportunity to play on the D string. This is an excellent opportunity to follow up the idea that the left elbow will swing forwards to reach lower strings, as first introduced in The Ant Song. 

Song of the Wind


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